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Sealant & Adhesive Equipment

Whether you need a consistent bond, accurate proportioning equipment, hot melt supply systems, or a reliable way to transfer, meter, mix and dispense materials, Graco Sealant and Adhesive Equipment offers performance you can trust.

Discover Graco's complete line of dispensing solutions for materials including epoxy, plastisol, sound deadeners, silicone, hot melt materials, potting compounds, butyl, polyurethane, desiccants, warm melt sealer, specialty resins, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and others"


The most reliable 55 gallon pump for handling abrasive, high-viscosity hot melt sealants and adhesives. Therm-O-Flow 200 offers EasyKey Controls for simplified operation, plus new features that minimize operating expenses and improve productivity.

  • Handles all hot melts – any viscosity, any abrasiveness
  • Intuitive EasyKey™ Controls simplify setup, operation and diagnostic functions
  • EasyKey Controls support English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Japanese and custom language
  • Integrated self-diagnostics make service quick and easy
  • NXT Air Motor provides quieter operation, better performance and improved efficiency 
(precision continuous flow)

Used in conjunction with a material supply system and robotics platform, the Graco PCF Metering System assures a precise, continuos flow of material. Closed-loop technology provides real-time adjustments for changes in material temperatures, viscosities, dispense rates or robot speeds – providing your operation with a highly precise, continuous dispense.

System components include:
  • Advanced Display Module
  • Fluid Plate
  • Graco CAN Cable and Gateway.

Proven Graco NXT, Check-Mate and DuraFlo technologies plus new advanced features help to minimize maintenance and streamline normal everyday operations. Industry-first controls give you immediate and important information at the touch of a button. Graco Supply Systems are built with high-quality parts for long life and reliability.

  • Dispenses ambient sealants, adhesives and other medium to high-viscosity materials
  • Available with Check-Mate pump lower for high-viscosity materials or Dura-Flo for low-viscosity materials
  • Reduces icing and noise - NXT air motor is up to 50% quieter than previous models
  • Fast and smooth changeover for a more consistent bead
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use pneumatic and electronic controls to better manage your process
  • DataTrak Control tracks material usage and flow, and provides runaway pump protection

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