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Fulflo Guided Piston Valves

The trademark FULFLO expresses the basic principle that the relief valve must have flow capacity equal to that of the pipe lines to which it is connected. The sliding piston concept and internal design contours of FULFLO valves provide unique flow and stability characteristics for reliable performance without chatter.

FULFLO valves are designed to operate reliably at pressures as low as 2 PSI and as high as 1000 PSI. The FULFLO valve reduces velocities through all but the controlling interface of the valve thereby minimizing system power loss.


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Liquid Level Guages

Brass Liquid Level Gages are used to indicate level of lubricating oil supply at bearings, gear boxes, crank cases, transformer, switches, etc.  Compact Design can be installed easily in any location having enough clearance for a one-piece oil gage.  Gages can be disassembled for installation in very tight places.  Square shank, with pipe thread, screws horizontally or vertically into tapped hole.  Options are available for difficult or irregular mountings.  Quality built shank body, cylindrical brass shield and cap are machined to close tolerances.  Sights are clear, sturdy gage glass.  For a leak tight seal, a Buna-N seal and a polypropylene glass protector are furnished.


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  • Differential Pressure Gauges
  • Hazardous Location
  • Indication Transmitters
  • Liquid Level Cyro/Liquified Gas
  • Indicators
  • Backflow Test Kits
  • Flow Test Kits


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Universal Flow Monitors

Variable Area Flowmeters
Insite Transparent Flowmeters
Coolpoint Flow Transmitters

Universal Flow Monitors, Inc sells products that are used in measuring flows used in high production such as cooling water, lubrication flow, shielding gas and paint. Industries include automotive, steel, rubber, glass, power and mining.

General Product Offering from UFM:

  • Cooling water flow transmitter
  • Lubrication flow switch and transmitter
  • Paint flow indicator and transmitter
  • Inert gas mass flowmeter
  • Plastic flowmeter for water or compressed air
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